Another update, although who even reads this part? I legit forget about it until it shows up in my statistics that someone has looked at it and I’m like “Crap, now I have to update my ‘About’ section because it showed up in a misspelled Google search.” Ok, here goes.

  1. Ireland is great craic, but you never thought I’d hang about, did you? I’m off again. To Finland this time. Because Montana wasn’t random enough.
  2. Hair update: I make irrational hair decisions on impulse. The red didn’t last long and I’ve reverted to the trusty brown.
  3. I don’t actually have any leather-bound books. I do have a Gryffindor notebook though.


An update was necessary. Since my brief bio below, two things have changed.

  •  I have left Montana and America, returning to the rain soaked midlands of Ireland.
  • I have returned to the dark side. More accurately speaking, the red side. My hair is now ever so slightly ginger once more.


Coming to America is probably the biggest thing that this little closet-ginger girl has ever done. Therefore, I have chosen to document my observations, findings and studies of the American people, as well as provide insight into my desperate attempts to blend in to the natural habitat of Montanans. So far, my accent has rendered such efforts unsuccessful.


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